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ProSync for Mac

Synchronize the contents of multiple folders on your Mac and various devices, set up filters, schedule tasks and monitor directories, with this easy-to-use app
ProSync review
ProSync review by publisher LLSoft: What is ProSync software from LLSoft, what is it used for and how to use it?
ProSync is a powerful file synchronizer with the ability to monitor file changes on your system for highly efficient updates. A flexible filtering system allows to build selections with global patterns or down to single files and folders.

Yet it remains so simple to use: choose a pair of folders and click a button to start copying. Or simpler: let ProSync 'click' that button whenever it observes changes in your folders.

Its orderly file operations queue also make it a perfect tool for large one-time tasks. Interrupt a long task and resume at another time.

Key Features
Unlimited yet unique sync definitions

Create as many sync definitions as you need, even from the same folders. Each of them is uniquely defined by the all available features.

For instance: you may setup a sync to keep your pictures folder perfectly in sync with some cloud folder and create another sync to selectively copy some pictures from that same folder to another drive on your network.

Give them some direction
One-Way Two-WayProSync can work in two directions. Choose one-way to copy files to a target folder such as a cloud, network or backup drive. Or rather select two-way and get a pair of perfectly synchronized folders.

What you click is what you get

For those large folders from which you need to copy only selected files, setup global inclusion and exclusion filters. Also include and exclude specific files and folders.

It is so flexible that you can exclude an entire folder but include some items within it!

To guide you in that process run an analyze: it produces a list of all files along with their current state in regards with the target folder and helpful statistics such as the total size by folder.

Stay in control or get lazy

Decide when it is best to synchronize and click Sync.

Or better: let ProSync copy the files every day at a specified time.

Or even better: let ProSync monitors for changes in your folders and automatically copy any new or modified file as it goes.

With the choice of an outline or a list view, get full details of the task at hand file by file as well as general informations such as the number of files to copy and the duration of the last synchronization.

A full log reporting all file operations during the last synchronization is also available. If there were any issues you shall find out where and what they were. From the outline view, the list or the log. All this for each single sync.

Spy on Them
ProSync can monitor the source folder - and also the target in two-way mode - for new and modified files. This option is required for automatically starting the synchronization but is available to manual and daily modes as well. It prevents the need to read the whole content of the folders which could be time-consuming on large folders. ProSync does not even need to be running!
ProSync is a software product developed by LLSoft and it is listed in System Utilities category under Data Transfer & Sync. ProSync is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. You can run ProSync on Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only) operating systems. ProSync was last time updated on 30.11.-0001 and it has 0 downloads on Download.hr portal.

Download and install ProSync safely and without concerns. Download ProSync now!
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