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Monitoring & Optimization

Monitoring & Optimization apps free download

  • Download coconutBattery coconutBattery
    A small macOS application designed to help you monitor the status of your notebook battery, but also provides details about the computer and battery model
    Free to try
  • Download Temp Monitor Temp Monitor
    Unobtrusive and small utility which will keep a close eye on your Mac's processor and notify you when its temperature goes above a pre-defined safe value
    Free to try
  • Download EtreCheck EtreCheck
    A minimalist and very easy to use macOS application that gathers essential information about your system and help you share it with others
    Free to download and use
  • Download Fanny Fanny
    Low-key app which makes it a cinch to keep a close eye on your Mac fans' speeds and CPU temperature from the status bar and Notification Center
    Free to download and use
  • Download Wattagio Wattagio
    Unobtrusive battery assistant which makes it very easy to keep a close eye on your Mac's battery and reduce your computer's power usage
    Free to try
  • Download iGlance iGlance
    Monitor CPU temperature and utilization, memory and network usage, fan speed and your battery?all from the menu bar?with this customizable app
    Free to download and use
  • Download MacBooster MacBooster
    A very simple yet powerful application that makes it very easy to clean and optimize your Mac and to protect your privacy and security while online
    Free to try
  • Download Geekbench Geekbench
    A cross-platform and versatile benchmark specially made for measuring your computer's processor and memory performance using various tests
    Free to try
  • Download Batteries Batteries
    Track the battery level of all your Apple mobile devices, and receive helpful notifications when one of them needs to be recharged
    Free to try