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Board apps free download

  • Download Crazy Change Crazy Change
    Logical puzzle, more than 200 levels. Let the red and blue crosses change places
    Free to download and use
  • Download Crazy Matrix Crazy Matrix
    Logical puzzle about switches and lamps. The game consists of a system of switch
    Free to download and use
  • Download Backgammon Masters Backgammon Masters
    A medieval themed backgammon game that comes with various backgammon styles, multiple board designs and beautiful graphics and sounds
    Free to try
  • Download Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride
    A faithful rendition of the original Ticket to Ride board game which delivers addicting strategic gameplay involving trains, tickets and the US map
    Free to try
  • Download Pokemon TCG Online Pokemon TCG Online
    Make time fly while playing this exciting trading card game in which you must use your Pokemons' special powers in order to defeat your opponents
    Free to download and use